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The Diplomat Resort & Spa

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Our staff is well trained in making sure your entire experience with us is the most pleasant you'll find across the transportation industry. All you need to do is decide where you want to go and who is lucky enough to get an invitation to join you! Don't know many options? Don't worry, our chauffeurs know there way around this city. Thanks to their experience they know where all the best and hottest spots in the area are. They'll be happy to provide input in your endeavor to go and take in the wonderful culture. So go ahead, ask them what they would recommend if you happen to need a suggestion! The buses themselves are unique works of art. No two are the same, and they are all custom built for the best experience possible. Completely luxurious, safe, and loaded with all the hottest newest tech, you will be able to easily sit back and relax with friends, or party hard!

Thank you for such amazing service for my daughters prom. I didn't worry nearly as much as anticipated knowing your chauffeur was there.
- K. Scheller

Since beginning our services many years ago we have always made it our mission to ensure each and every trip is a smashing success. We have seen great success over the years, and we continue to grow at a steady, sustained rate. Fittingly, we have gradually increased our service area in an effort to provide our service to more people in the area. We have added on new vehicles to provide more people service when they need it. This all goes hand in hand with hiring more staff. We hire great people to not only drive our vehicles, but mechanics to stay on top of the upkeep, detailers to keep our buses as fresh and clean, and last but not least office staff to care for our customers. Each member of our team ensure our day to day operations run smoothly across the board. And, most importantly, their aim is to provide the best overall product for you, our customers.

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